Christchurch Architectural Photographer

Although as a photographer I love to shoot a variety of styles and genres, one branch of photography that has always captivated me is architectural photography.  That is why I choose to dedicate half of my professional working time to this passion.

I come from a background of art, design and creativity.  Although I did very well academically throughout my schooling and college, I was always drawn towards design, art, and creative pursuits.  After studying Art and Design at college I attended the University of Teesside’s prestigious computing department where I got my degree in Creative Visualisation (That’s code for 3D computer graphics, CGI animation and rendering etc).

Due to health issues at the time I had to leave that path behind me.  I soon began on a path of photographic adventure and haven’t looked back since.

I got my first digital camera back in the late 1990’s and that ignited in me a passion for photography that I still embrace today.  Back then I was photographing anything and everything but looking back it’s easy to see a common theme; a love of photographing architecture (link to architecture on tour).

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The devastation of the Christchurch Earthquake’s brought about tragedy and suffering for many.  My wife and I included.  But the central city’s blank canvas has brought about an opportunity for re-development, new creativity and new possibilities.  I am very excited by the potential of what the visionary architects and designers will produce for our beloved Christchurch and I am equally excited to be involved in photographically documenting the evolution of the next stage in this city’s skyline.

Black and White photograph of Christchurch Cathedral