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Commercial Architectural Photography – SB Logistics

Commercial Architectural Photography of SB Logistics
Client: Stufkens + Chambers Architects
Marcus Stufkens and his team took the brief for a warehouse and created something special.  We photographed both the exterior and the interior of the building as we wanted to show the context of the building within its surrounds and also feature the entrance, the office […]

Commercial Architectural Photography – Ford Baker

Commercial Architectural Photography of Ford Baker Offices
Client: Tower Joinery
Neil Haymes and the team from Tower Joinery completed a renovation of the office space for Ford Baker.  The modern blend of metals and wood resulted in a clean cut contemporary workspace for Ford Baker and we were tasked with photographing it.

Kitchen Photography – Modern Kitchen Photography

Kitchen Photography
Client: Advanced Joinery
I photographed this award entry kitchen for the team at Advanced Joinery during the evening.  The granite feature at the end of the benchtop was a particularly interesting piece of the design.

Commercial Architectural Photography – Sungard Systems

Commercial Architectural Photography of Sungard
Client: PDM International
PDM International commissioned a photographic portfolio of the Sungard offices in Christchurch.  The project required several finished images to be digitally combined from a collection of 3 to 5 differing exposures.  To achieve this we utilise state of the art HDR techniques and careful layer combining to bring out the full […]

Commercial Architectural Photography – Golden Homes Offices

Commercial Architectural Photography of Golden Homes Offices
Client: Stufkens + Chambers Architects
Upon their completion we were hired to photograph the interior of the new Golden Homes offices in the Christchurch CBD.

Commercial Architectural Photography – Maharaja Restaurant

Commercial Architectural Photography of Maharaja Restaurant
Client: Stufkens + Chambers Architects
Photographed during the daytime, this coverage presented the challenge of balancing the colour temperature and intensity of daylight with the interior lighting, whilst still retaining full detail through the interior design elements.  I used elements of the interior as architectural photography framing tools.  For example the […]

Commercial Architectural Photography – MacDow

Commercial Architectural Photography of MacDow
Client: Stufkens + Chambers Architects
The MacDow offices are a modern approach to a working environment.  The large open spaces, mezzanine floor and glass fronted meeting rooms were fantastic to photograph.  The bold bright colours add a great vibrancy to the area.

Commercial Architectural Photography Rimu Street

Commercial Architectural Photography for NSA
Client: Noel Strez Architects
Over the past couple of years SNAP! Architectural Photography have undertaken a complete documentation of the Noel Strez Architects portfolio. The NSA portfolio is rich and diverse and ranges from residential, commecial, alterations, educational and community buildings. In this project we photographed the new Christchurch building on the […]

Commercial Photography – Thai Restaurants

Commercial Architectural Photography
Client: The Sellers Room
SNAP! Architectural Photography were hired by The Sellers Room to photograph a series of Thai Restaurants they built around Christchurch.  The Sellers Room specialise in commercial interior design and so as part of recording the project it was important to photograph the details as well as the overall interior space.

Architectural Photography – Manning Intermediate School

Architectural Photography of Manning Intermediate School
Client: Stufkens + Chambers Architects
This full scale project was photographed for the portfolio of Stufkens + Chambers architects.  It was a full scope architectural photography job, documenting both exterior and interior in differing lighting situations.  It is a real shame that following the Christchurch earthquakes this refurbished school is now […]